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Ya Can’t Make This Stuff Up

August 27, 2008

Day Two and I have one already. 


There are three first grade classes and last year we managed to hold over a whole gaggle of kiddies.  We kept some of the same kids this year and some of them we *just had* to “give away”.  D is one of these children and this year she’s in *my* room.   Today after dismissal I still had 3 or 4 children left with me.  We were standing in the path of the playground so I attempted to gather my students to me: 


“First Graders!  Come stand closer to me, please!”.

D looks around, confused, holds up a finger – gestures to the lot of us and says “This is first grade?!?”


Caterpillar Catapulter

August 23, 2008

I went trolling for monarch caterpillars today so I can bring them into my classroom and drive some lessons with my students.  I always pass this patch of milkweed and thought it to be the ‘motherload’.  There was so much of it in one place and it was fairly accessible without tromping through muck, private property and/or tick-infested grasses.  I found two.  Two.  And when I got back in the car to tell George that I had found ‘just two’ I had to tell him that, to add insult to injury, I had also lost one of them.  

How?  he asked. 

Me:    I was trying to do too much with one hand and the milkweed stalk snapped back.

>George made that sound in his throat that one makes when they are trying not to laugh<

Me:  What?!?

George:  You CATapulted a CATerpillar!  (to the baby) Hey George!  Your mom is a CAterpillar CATapulter!

And he shakes his head at MY jokes!

Because I cruise the internet

August 13, 2008

I notice that spelling is not a priority. 

Now I’m not an EXCELLENT speller – but I care – and I will look something up if it occurs to me that I might spell it wrong.  But sometimes words get away from me.  And grammar.  Like starting a sentence with But or And  (that’s when I invoke poetic license).   Sometimes my typing gets away from me – and I’ll type “there” when I mean “their” and I know it is “their” but my fingers are partial to “there”.  So there.  Or their. 

And I’m only kidding when I say that I can’t eat at a restaurant that puts their misspellings in print.   I think.  But the rant about putting misspellings in print and hanging them up for the world to see from the perceptive of a business owner is a whole other rant.  And I wish I would have saved misspellings on menus and ads when I said I was going to.  Or taken a picture of my favorite awning advertising the sale of “Pet Supiles”.

I’m not talking about the occasional word spelled wrong or a misplaced apostrophe or an uncapitalized word or even the intentional misspelling by Our Nation’s Youth.  I’m not talking about dropping that e when you type the word believe or hanging on to the caps lock for an extra letter resulting in the capitalization of the second letter, too (*I* do this all the time).  What I’m talking about is the rampant misspellings on blogs and message boards.  Careless, constant, frequent.  Using the wrong word in context.  Putting two words together to make a new word – by accident.  

Spelling is not a priority.  And while I don’t think that you should let spelling get in the way of some heart-felt wordage – we can act like we’re at least *trying* – can’t we?

At least the irritated kitty looks different from the rest…wait…I think.

This was actually stolen from myspace – please please forgive me ;)

August 13, 2008

Proof you can get anything at Walmart

August 5, 2008