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Potty Recollection

November 30, 2010

***I just found this in my drafts folder.  Its hard for me to imagine a time when my chiacchierone-just-turned-three year old didn’t speak***

>Two year old grabs diaper and mutters something that may or may not have an equivalent in English Adult Speak<

Me:  Do you want to sit on the potty?

G4: >runs out of room and into bathroom<  Pah-yee!

Me:  Okay!  Let’s sit on the potty!  Take off your pj’s!

G4: >makes like he’s going to unzip pj’s….gets distracted by bathroom mirror<

Me:  Do you want to sit on the potty?  Let me help you take off your pj’s.

G4: >wiggles away and starts telling me about the bath tub<

Me:  Do you still want to sit on the potty?  You have to let me take off your clothes.

G4:  >throws himself into my lap giggling<

Me:  C’mon George, let’s sit on the potty!

G4:  >with head in lap< “awwwwww”  (the I’m Being Cute sound)