Dear Adults-

This has to be in list form – my children are revolting.  Well – you know what I mean…

1. While I don’t believe that my children should be shielded from every germ – I don’t think I want to expose them to typhoid every time we go out.  Is that what whooping cough sounds like?  At least cough into your shoulder.  Sheesh.

2.  See the sign that says this section is only for children under 3 years old?  See the other sign that says that?  Now see the five paper signs that were put up because people weren’t reading the other signs?  How about the sign that says ‘take off your shoes’?  Or ‘socks only’?  Or the children who are really short and shoeless?  Now look at your 9 year old, extraordinarily big boned, shoed children and figure out why everyone is giving you the stink eye The only thing that’s saving you is your children are not overly annoying – just normal children – which is bad enough, I’d say.

3.  Is this your older kid that pushed my little Little out of the way of the exhibit…again?  No, no – don’t let me interrupt your conversation.  We’ll handle it….again.

4.  You’re standing in our way.  Unless we’re invisible today.  Do you have children of your own?  Mine only get noisier.

5.  Seriously.  Move.

To be continued, I’m sure…


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