Reflecting or Being Thankful

I always see the somanydays of Thankfulness posts and I want to join in…and I never do…The first few days I think ‘nah’, then I think ‘I’ll just make a bog post’, then I think ‘I’ll never catch up’, then I think ‘I’m behind and now I feel corny’….and so on.

But on my path to helping myself I think counting my blessings is right up near the top of the GoodForMe list.  And what appeals to me most about the Thankfulness days posts is that they are usually tiny little overlooked things that really make life special.  Even on my lowest days I’m thankful for my childrens’ health and my hard working husband (not to be sneezed at, mind you, and on my list)  – but those little things are harder to call to mind and so sweet to think on.  With a head like mine it could be the difference between a stellar day and going back to bed.  What’s more the cold weather/Winter/Holidays/New Year is usually a time of reflection for me – I think it’s part of the whole Sadness and thinking back, shaking it off and then looking forward was my way of coping with something that I didn’t have a name for yet. 


  •  Here it is – my children’s health.  Moms – I marvel at your strength.  And I’m thankful that with all the challenges this world will offer – daily health is not an issue for us, as yet.
  • My husband’s hard work.  This man works a full time job with overtime, works for a client on Sundays and busts his ass doing household chores (like chopping wood or fixing his car) on his ‘day off’.  I bitch because sometimes he’s a little grumpy- but really – I’m amazed that he can drag himself out of bed at all.
  • Good friends.  Holy cow am I blessed with some wonderful friends!  People I’ve met from ‘back in the day’, people I’ve met during my short time in my new state…and all just as wonderful.  To the people who have stuck by me through all those years:  WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS??   I don’t know WHY you stuck around but BOY am I glad you did!  And the new friends I’ve made?  I love you guys – you’re all so good to me!
  • Kindness of strangers – without whom our monthly bills would be IMPOSSIBLE to meet.
  • Chickens.  BOK!  BOK!  Seriously!  I’m thankful I live in a place where we can have chickens.  And that my husband built me this BEAUTIFUL (and SAFE!) coop for them to live.  My chickens make me very, very happy!  : )


  • My kitty cat!  This actually has much less to do with the cat.   I’m thankful for my husband who finally gave in to having a cat even though, to him – cats are evil (he’s allergic) and to my cousins who had a kitten and knew I couldn’t get her myself – so they not only dragged their asses all the way up here to give me the kitten – but brought a sweet baby and a dear friend to visit, too!  Her purring and little kitty cries lowers my blood pressure but it also reminds me of how much my family (and chosen family) loves me!  Thanks, you guys!  (also – they brought cupcakes!)


  • I’m thankful that my kids are so close in age. It’s a silly thing to be thankful for – I know – but I love it.  Even though it’s so hard now while they are littles – I just love that they are learning things ‘at the same time’ now and having ‘conversations’ that are on similar levels.  I once got the greatest advice ever – paraphrasing it amounted to ‘don’t complain about your children – celebrate every stage’.  And in that spirit – this is such a great age.  Hard.  But a great age!
  • My husband.  I know I was already thankful for him so what gives?  This time I’m thankful that we are partners when it comes to raising our kids.  We don’t always agree with each other about so many little or not so little things – but with our kids we’re a united front.  Even for the few times that we disagree about a child raising issue – we’re united.  And I love that about us.  Now can you please tell me why the kids still try to ask the second parent after the first one says no??
  • Facebook.  I know, I know – cliché.  And also my biggest time suck.  But in between there’s the point where I’ve reconnected with my oldest friends and – even though some of us haven’t spoken in 30 years or more – I feel like I’ve found a little piece of ‘back home’.
  • Good, old friends who I see all too seldom but never make me feel bad about it and always pick up right where we left off.  Love you guys!
  • Friends that just ‘pop in’!  I love that!  Coming by just to drop something off – pick something up – or my favorite:  just to say hello!  It really makes me feel good – thank you, Friend!
  • My husband’s health.  There were a few scares this year and I’m so so relieved to come out of them with little worry.  We’re far from ‘fit’ and we have some issues that need to be dealt with by changing diets and routines but we’re not sick!  Whew!


  • Friends that are good role models.  I’m thankful for friends with sweet children that remind me to be patient, have children that my own can look up to, model for me how to be kind and loving…Thank you!
  • Related to the last:  friends with sweet children.   I’m so glad that my friends have these sweet, dear children that my kids can be friends with.  They run the gamut from rough and tumble to gentle and shy but they are all wonderful role models for my children and they are all fun to be around! 
  •  Gadgets.  Can’t help it.  I love ‘em.  And they make me very happy!
  • My 3 yo went out with his snow boots on…and came back in his bare feet….so for that I’m thankful that it was *his* boots that were lost and not the 5 yo’s whose boots we would hope to get another life out of by passing them down.  :/
  • I’m thankful that I’m learning enough about myself that when I’m not on my game I can usually figure out how to fix that.
  • I’m thankful that we have health insurance coverage to keep us healthy, to pay for the testing when something’s not right and to pay for the hospital visits we’ve had recently.
  • Facebook.  Again.  Or email.  But without Facebook the emails for some people would never have been found.  Thanks to Facebook I can chat with my best friend *and* my one of my oldest friends – two people who it turns out – knew each other independent of me and at different times – about our many, common interests.  I love my hobbies but I get so much more out of them when I can share it with them.  Especially since they have been doing them so much longer and are very talented.   I love getting advice from them!
  • I’m thankful that my husband doesn’t work far away.  Especially now that we are down to one car.  On the days that I need the car it’s a drag to get everyone up and out of the house to drive him to work – but thankfully he’s only a few minutes away.
  • My kids’ sense of humor.  They really are a funny pair.  Just now the 5 year old is starting to understand joking and laughing at himself and others playfully.  I hope he keeps it up.  And the little one is still at the age where everything he says is adorable and hysterical.  *snif*  My baby!


  • Foxes that are bad at hunting!  Whew!  I shoulda ran out and played lotto the day that the fox came sniffing around my chickens, where I eventually found 5 scattered, terrified chickens and a pile of feathers…and then later a 6th beat up but alive chicken came waddling out of the woods!  Lucky us!
  • Happy adults.  People think it’s not only their right but their JOB to bitch.  I’m glad I’m learning not to be one of them.  They’re unpleasant to be around.

I couldn’t possibly ever *finish* this list.  That’s silly!  But I will post it with the reminder to myself to be thankful for things every day.  Even the crummy ones have happy moments.



3 Responses to “Reflecting or Being Thankful”

  1. sara Says:

    So cute! You’ve got a good life!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    will you please write again soon. I miss the funnies

  3. sara Says:

    ME TOO! I miss the funnies too!

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