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This is old…

August 5, 2013

…and everyone who visits here has likely read it elsewhere, already.  But its too good to lose and as of yet I haven’t a ‘quotes by my mom’ book…although, come to think of it – why don’t I??


Ring Ring!
Me: Hello?
My mom: Hello! Is this the Chicken Place?
Me: Why yes, it *is* the Chicken Place! What can I get you?
My mom: I’d like two roasted turkey breasts please.
Me: Why yes, it *is* the Chicken Place!
My mom: !@#$% You know what I meant! Give me two roasted chickens!!
Me: Got it! Two roasted chickens. Pick up or delivery?
My mom: Pick up is fine. When can I get it?
Me: About two years.