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Years of Preparation

March 5, 2012

I’ve owned cats my whole life. My bff and I always joked that cat ownership would/has prepared us for child-rearing.

See if I’m not wrong.


Cats like boxes.

Cats wait till you change the litter box before they use it.

Cats don’t like baths.

Cats will do almost anything for a treat…that they were going to do anyway.

Cats will automatically be drawn to the one person in the room who doesn’t like cats.

Cats are afraid of vacuums.

Cats will seek the highest place in the room to perch.

Cats will spend hours chasing a laser light.

Cats will gnaw through the side of a bag of cat food if you leave it out to taunt them.


I Think I’ve Got It

December 4, 2011

Do you know why parents label their kids?

To be sure  – its because humans like lists.  Its because it makes it easier for parents to brag.  Its definitely because we like to categorize things, including our children.

But I think in some small part its also because we want to appear as though we know our children.

I joke that one child is the artist and the other child is the musician.   And its true, in part.

But recently someone asked me what my kids were ‘into’ and for a moment I just gave her a blank stare.  What are my kids ‘into’?  Nothing!  They’re not ‘into’ anything!  Nothing stands out any more than anything else.

And a moment after that I thought my head was going to explode.  They’re ‘into’ EVERYTHING!  Name something they don’t like!  If its completely new to them they’ll be ‘into’ that, too!  What they were ‘into’ yesterday – what they were ‘into’ last week – what they were ‘into’ last month, declared their boredom with, and are now ‘into’ again…

A few weeks ago a relative noticed how much one of them really likes to draw…and now we have a ridiculous amount of things to draw with…ridiculous…really…but I think I just changed the subject…

It occurred to me, when that woman asked what my kids were ‘into’ – and I couldn’t answer right away – that maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention to my kids.  That maybe I was a bad mom for not knowing my kid was the artist, or that he liked Blue’s Clues, or that he dug the movie Cars, or that he loved to play with bugs, or that he liked to play in water, or that he likes to build with blocks, or that he loves to dress up, or that he….

…my kids like a lot of stuff.  And that’s real neat.

But its still easy to label them – it sure sounds good, don’t it?