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Dear Adults-

December 4, 2011

This has to be in list form – my children are revolting.  Well – you know what I mean…

1. While I don’t believe that my children should be shielded from every germ – I don’t think I want to expose them to typhoid every time we go out.  Is that what whooping cough sounds like?  At least cough into your shoulder.  Sheesh.

2.  See the sign that says this section is only for children under 3 years old?  See the other sign that says that?  Now see the five paper signs that were put up because people weren’t reading the other signs?  How about the sign that says ‘take off your shoes’?  Or ‘socks only’?  Or the children who are really short and shoeless?  Now look at your 9 year old, extraordinarily big boned, shoed children and figure out why everyone is giving you the stink eye The only thing that’s saving you is your children are not overly annoying – just normal children – which is bad enough, I’d say.

3.  Is this your older kid that pushed my little Little out of the way of the exhibit…again?  No, no – don’t let me interrupt your conversation.  We’ll handle it….again.

4.  You’re standing in our way.  Unless we’re invisible today.  Do you have children of your own?  Mine only get noisier.

5.  Seriously.  Move.

To be continued, I’m sure…


Because I cruise the internet

August 13, 2008

I notice that spelling is not a priority. 

Now I’m not an EXCELLENT speller – but I care – and I will look something up if it occurs to me that I might spell it wrong.  But sometimes words get away from me.  And grammar.  Like starting a sentence with But or And  (that’s when I invoke poetic license).   Sometimes my typing gets away from me – and I’ll type “there” when I mean “their” and I know it is “their” but my fingers are partial to “there”.  So there.  Or their. 

And I’m only kidding when I say that I can’t eat at a restaurant that puts their misspellings in print.   I think.  But the rant about putting misspellings in print and hanging them up for the world to see from the perceptive of a business owner is a whole other rant.  And I wish I would have saved misspellings on menus and ads when I said I was going to.  Or taken a picture of my favorite awning advertising the sale of “Pet Supiles”.

I’m not talking about the occasional word spelled wrong or a misplaced apostrophe or an uncapitalized word or even the intentional misspelling by Our Nation’s Youth.  I’m not talking about dropping that e when you type the word believe or hanging on to the caps lock for an extra letter resulting in the capitalization of the second letter, too (*I* do this all the time).  What I’m talking about is the rampant misspellings on blogs and message boards.  Careless, constant, frequent.  Using the wrong word in context.  Putting two words together to make a new word – by accident.  

Spelling is not a priority.  And while I don’t think that you should let spelling get in the way of some heart-felt wordage – we can act like we’re at least *trying* – can’t we?

At least the irritated kitty looks different from the rest…wait…I think.


June 25, 2008
So the hospital that I “stayed at” has the wrong insurance number and has been sending me bills incessantly since we’ve left.   Knowing that throwing them away will just bring all kinds of bad things down on our house – I’ve been calling for every one:  “Oh so you KNOW that you have the wrong number?  And now you are billing the right one?  You’ve got it all under control?  Lovely”.   Last week I noticed that one of them was a bill to us and it was for over 2 grand.  It was also overdue!  I tried to call the hospital to talk about it but their billing office closes at 4:30, it was the last weeks of school and you just try to think about something other than school and packing those last few days!  Then I got the collections letter in the mail.  It was the last day of school so I called and left a message for Ms. A.  Ms. A didn’t call me back.  So the next day – I call her again.  She told me that they are billing us because the insurance co sent the check to us.

I call the insurance co.  The nice lady there tells me that – yes, they sent us a check, yes, they know its not cashed, and she realizes that the insurance didn’t pay the full amount and she thinks she can appeal it.  For two seconds I thought “who cares that they didn’t pay the full amount” and then thought ‘with our luck – the hospital would bill us the balance’ (yes, I *do* know about insurance adjustments).  So I told her go ahead and throw it into review.

Called back Ms. A.  Now I have a fussing baby in my arms.

Me:  OKay I spoke to the insurance company and she told me that they are going to appeal it – it will take two weeks.

Ms. A:  Okay – I’m going to need proof that you have the check.

Me:  I don’t have the check YET – they know that the old one they sent wasn’t cashed blah blah blah

Ms. A: I need some kind of proof- (this went back and forth for some time – she insisting that I send her a copy of the check – me explaining that I never got the old check and the new one has yet to arrive.)

Me:  I need to know if you are putting the collections process on hold.

Ms. A: THATS WHAT I”M TELLING YOU, M’AM – in order for me to put it on hold I need some kind of proof that you got the check from them.

Me:  You realize that I’m-


Me:  (quietly and very angry) You.  Realize.  That.  I’m.  Having. Problems. Offering.  You.  Proof.  Of.  Something.  That.  Hasn’t.  Happened.  I don’t HAVE the old check and the NEW check will be coming after two weeks.

Ms. A:  Oh!  Well, why didn’t you SAY so?!?  This conversation would have been so much easier if you would’ve offered me that information, ma’m.

Me:  Wait, what?  I *did –

Ms. A: No you didn’t.  I can put a hold on the collections process until you hear from the insurance company…blah blah blah.

What I *didn’t* say and should have was:  I DID TELL YOU!!  MAYBE YOU WERE GETTING TICKLED AT THE TIME!!!

Is this woman KIDDING me?!?